Celebrate the full burst of summer at the 2019 Delheim Harvest Festival


We’re tickled pink that the 2019 Delheim Harvest Festival will be celebrating all things Rosé. While we of course adore our dreamy South African white wines, as well as their suave red counterparts, there is something jaunty and joyous about Rosé.

It has a heel-clicking, hair-swaying thing going on, but with oodles of style – like Mary Poppins doing the cartwheels in a summer dress. Suffice it to say, we are 100% on board to celebrate it!

But that’s not all. Here are five more reasons to get incredibly excited about the Delheim Harvest Festival:

The gorgeous venue

The Stellenbosch region is definitely not short on picturesque wine farms. However, Delheim is more than just pretty – it has a vibe. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman who is all the more alluring because she is content, joyous and wonderfully in sync with her lovely self? That’s Delheim in a nutshell – a scenic space that draws you in with a happy, inviting ambience that cannot be faked or forced, but is the natural result of good places run by good people.

A small crowd!

Hands up – who likes big crowds at wine festivals? Jostling for shade and seats, and queueing for hours to get some ice? Nope, we didn’t think so. This is another reason why we are in love with the Delheim Harvest Festival! The clever organisers are capping the whole thing at 150 guests – 120 adults and 30 children over the age of 5. This sets the stage for a festive affair with plenty of buzz, but none of the hassles associated with overcrowded commercial events.

Plenty of tasty eats

Ah, the food. Get ready for an epic harvest table that will knock your little foodie socks off. Think generous salads, glistening dolmades, freshly-baked breads trailing a golden-brown scent, piquant pickles, creamy cheeses, gem-hued preserves, plump olives and dew-dappled grapes arranged along long tables under the trees. Not to mention the fynbos cupcakes and Pinotage ice-cream that will sashay their way into the limelight when it’s time for dessert…

Live entertainment & fun stuff to do

The day starts in the vineyards with some grape picking and exhilarating stomping action, and then eases into a laidback, family-friendly harvest feast brimming with delights. There will also be vineyard tours and tractor rides, while live music entertainment will set just the right tone for a memorable day out with family and friends.

TOP TIP! Prizes will be awarded for best-dressed (think PINK!), fastest grape picker and most juice stomped, so get in on the action.

Truly memorable wines

All of that aside, the true star of the show at the Delheim Harvest Festival will be the wine – the Pinotage Rosé in particular. Delheim Rosé is made for summer. It’s a refreshing, yet audacious wine with lots of personality, sun-ripened strawberries and peaches on the nose, and a lingering presence that delights as it develops. It’s the ultimate summertime sipper.

There you have it – five excellent reasons to go ahead and book those Delheim Harvest Festivals ASAP. It’s available on Quicket or you can contact Delheim directly on marketing@delheim.com or 021 888 4600 for more info. Naturally, pre-bookings are essential, so go on – treat yourself. By the time 2019 rolls around, your future self will be very glad that you pre-booked a light at the end of that unavoidable Janu-worry tunnel!

Writing Anna-Bet Stemmet 

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