Coffee appreciation course experience at Truth Coffee in Cape Town


There are coffee shops and then there’s the number one coffee shop in the world: a Steampunk space housing a vintage roaster that churns out award-winning beans, and top-hat wearing baristas that know how to turn on the charm. A place so cool, it has an in-house coffee academy where you’ll learn first-hand how to tell your just-plain-average brew from one that steals the show. Coffee appreciation at it’s best.


  • Truth Coffee was chosen by the Daily Telegraph as the world’s best coffee shop in 2016.
  • Tour of the roastery and bean chamber.
  • Understand and learn the method of tasting coffee.
  • In-depth discussion on all the equipment a barista uses.
  • Demonstration of manual brewing method.


10:00 – 12:00 (2 hours)


  • 2 /month (see book now for details)


R450 p.p.


“People leave here saying, ‘Wow, my eyes have been opened. I never realised there’s so much to coffee,’” says Lee Venter, barista trainer at Truth Coffee Academy. “We’re telling the story that’s never told.” You can trust us on this: Lee and the academy’s fellow barista trainers know how to keep you mesmerised from the get-go. After all, they work at the number one coffee shop in the world, so there’s very little they don’t know about the topic.

As you’ll find out, the journey that leads up to the barista at your favourite coffee haunt handing you your flat white has more twists and turns than a season of Game of Thrones. A multitude of factors determine the taste of your cup of coffee: the type of coffee bean, where it’s from, what the weather’s like there, how it’s grown, harvested and processed… and then we haven’t even started on how those beans are roasted, ground and brewed.

It’s not all history and geography lessons, though. You’ll have a ringside seat to the journey of coffee at Truth. You’ll get a grand tour of the super-cool Steampunk roastery and even get to enter the hallowed bean chamber that houses Colossus, a retrofitted 1940s Probat roaster that is the undisputed heart operation. Your taste buds will go on a coffee appreciation tour all of their own during a cupping session where you’ll get to make like the pros and sniff, sip and savour the characteristics of three different single-origin coffees. Word is, you’ll leave this experience with your mind blown – and a great buzz thrown in for free.

What’s included

  • Barista manual
  • Cup of coffee
  • Tour of the roastery and bean chamber
  • Coffee tasting
  • In-depth discussion on all the equipment a barista uses
  • Demonstration of manual brewing method

What’s not included

  • Transportation
  • Gratuity

Important Information

  • The coffee appreciation course accommodates a minimum of 1 person and maximum of 8 people
  • Please be sure to arrive on time

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Photography: Kleinjan Groenewald


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