Deurdrift Cottage – the ultimate Prince Albert country stay


Forget those looming deadlines and escape to this picture-perfect Prince Albert country stay!

Don’t think twice, just pile into the car and take a road trip to the best little village in the Karoo. What awaits is an unforgettable weekend of small-town hospitality and amazing local produce, all to be enjoyed from your very own Karoo cottage. Deurdrift cottage is kitted out to the nines so you can either kick back in luxury, or cook up a storm to your foodie heart’s content.

Why foodies love to stay here

  • The chance to experience the laid-back vibe and friendly, small-town hospitality of this Prince Albert country stay. This little town is best known as the heart of the Karoo’s pantry
  • You’ll get to spend your days visiting local producers, from an artisanal cheese maker and olive oil producers to deli owners and fruit farmers, tasting and discovering the authentic, unique produce that makes the Karoo so special.
  • Explore on your own, or go on a guided produce walk with the friendly folks from African Relish Cooking School
  • The opportunity to book hands-on cookery classes at African Relish, or one of their legendary 3-course fine-dining dinners.
  • Don apron and get creative in your very own Karoo kitchen with the local produce that you stocked up on during all that Eatsploring

A magical Prince Albert country stay

Hands up, who’s had the fantasy of packing it all in, moving to a tiny country village and making preserves for a living? But then, realising exactly how many bottles of fig jam you’d need to make to pay off your new little country cottage?

Yeah, us too. African Relish Cooking School offers you a pretty great alternative: the chance to break away from the rat race to the perfect Prince Albert country stay where you can soak up small-town life in this picturesque Karoo village, stock up on amazing local produce – think hand-crafted Guernsey milk cheese, plump preserved olives and cold-pressed olive oil, succulent Karoo lamb, and fresh, sweet figs – and go whip up a feast in your very own Victorian or Karoo-style cottage.

That’s right, the legendary cooking school also knows a thing or two about small-town hospitality and would love you to experience the laid-back, unhurried vibe of Karoo life, while pampering you with those little luxuries you love including King-sized beds dressed in crisp cotton linen, deep baths and fluffy, thick towels, air-conditioning, fireplaces and, best of all, thoughtfully kitted out kitchens. Oh, and Wi-Fi, if you need it. Whether you choose to stay in the Karoo cottages Akkedis or Doringbos on the outskirts of town, or in Deurdrift 1 or Deurdrift 2, the semi-detached Victorian cottages in town, you’ll almost forget about all those unanswered emails waiting back home…

The Accommodation

Deurdrift 1

Entire Cottage, 3 Guests, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Beds

Quite a departure from the Karoo cottages on the outskirts of town, the interior of this lovingly restored Prince Albert country stay leans more to the refined side, with none other than renowned South African chef, restaurateur and all-round style guru Jacques Erasmus having done the honours of decorating. We’re talking walls colour-blocked in shades like teal, dusty rose and sage green; lavish, quilted bedspreads in jewel-tones, playful black and white checkered floors in the bathroom, and clear perspex and weathered wood furniture playing nicely alongside one another. Deurdrift 1 offers two bedrooms, one en-suite with a king-sized bed and the other set in the library room with a single bed, while The really cool thing about these cottages – and that’s not counting the amazing, well-appointed kitchens with their antique wood-burning black stoves – is the sprawling stoep overlooking a private garden out back. Take a seat at the comfy table with your choice of tipple and you might never want to get up again.

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Deurdrift 2

Entire Cottage, 2 Guests, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bed

Set in town, a hop, skip and jump from the African Relish Cooking School, this Prince Albert country stay is a semi-detached cottage that used to be where farmers kipped and tied their horses up for the night after they’d rode out all the way from their farms to attend the Sunday church service. More than just a comfortable bedroom this beautifully restored cottage will have you living like a local in no time. Perfect for love birds, or a family of 2 on a chilled get-away you will be kicking back in typical Karoo living style with an expansive garden, kitchen, lounge and en suite bathroom. This beauty has also been given the magic touch by style-aficionado Jacques Erasmus with similar style features as Deurdrift 1.

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