A magical Forage & Feast in Cape Town


If the thought of yet another Valentine’s Day dinner-and-a-movie bores you to tears, step right up! The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic teamed up with Karoline Kristen of Flavamingo and created a forage & feast adventure that took loved-up couples into the woods to gather indigenous ingredients, and back to the kitchen to whip up some rather spectacular plant-based canapes.

In between, they sipped on delicious non-alcoholic cocktails prepared with The Duchess as the star ingredient and learnt more about Cape Town’s exciting foraging culture.


  • Enjoyed an intimate gathering in a beautiful location.
  • Gained a better appreciation of plant-based cuisine & foraged for ingredients.
  • Learned special culinary techniques & presentation tips.
  • Feasted on a beautiful spread of whimsical dishes.
  • Bonded with loved ones while experiencing something different and unique.
  • Indulged in The Duchess cocktails – Floral and Botanical (headache-free morning after guaranteed!).
  • Took home food and cocktail recipes & stunning images of your adventure.

Valentine’s forage and feast in the woods

Lovers of all things gorgeous, outdoorsy, and delicious, assembled! The Eatsplorer team adores a good collaboration, and this one was particularly epic. Our favourite contemporary plant-based magician, Karoline Kristen from Flavamingo, joined forces with The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic and created a completely unique, once-off forage & feast Valentine’s experience in the forests of Newlands.

The Duchess is the coolest new non-alcoholic beverage on the block – a fresh, sugar-free, grownup alternative to the decidedly lame cordial-and-soda vibe that often becomes the refuge of adults who prefer to avoid alcohol. Oh, and it’s based on the classic gin & tonic! What’s not to love?

We’ve taken this ready-to-drink marvel for a spin, and we’re happy to report it’s full-on refreshing and delicious without being cloyingly sweet. Think lashings of juniper overlaid with beautiful aromatic layers of orange peel, allspice, star anise, and devil’s claw. YUM.

To keep things exciting, a new dame was also recently added to the line-up – the blooming delicious The Duchess Floral. Infused with the natural extracts of primrose, citrus blossom, and indigenous honeybush, this botanical beauty is just the ticket if you like your tipple richly aromatic.

All this botanical loveliness pairs wonderfully with the singular foraging excursions led by Karoline, who has the inside track when it comes to foraging the most inspiring ingredients in Cape Town’s hidden nooks and crannies.

For Valentine’s Day, she collaborated with The Duchess team. Love birds gathered in Newlands for a stroll through the forest at dusk, and gathered the makings of a (delicious!) plant-based canape feast before heading to the kitchen to assemble some breath-taking eats.

Three hours from start to finish, this inspiring outing was just the thing for a Valentine’s Day that falls on an awkward school night. Everyone ate well, indulged in guilt-free cocktails, and was home in time to emerge bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning. Perfection!

What was included

  • Foraging session with internationally renowned plant-based chef Karoline Kristen.
  • Hands-on cooking session.
  • Canapes
  • The Duchess Cocktails
  • A recipe booklet to take home.

About The Duchess

Expertly developed by Johannes Le Roux, a Cape Town native with a background in advertising and brand launches, and Inus Smuts, his long-time friend, and collaborator, The Duchess is a feat of botanical alchemy that saw the light of day with the help of some very talented brewers.

Exactly how they managed to create a refreshing ready-to-drink beverage that hits all the right spots without leaving you Uber-bound or every so slightly less-than-fresh the next day, remains shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that they crafted it using the natural botanical extracts traditionally found in gin, which is why The Duchess retains those very authentic gin-ish notes with zero alcohol or sugar (it is sweetened with Xylitol and Stevia).

Keep an eye out for a whole bunch of upcoming The Duchess experiences! There’s plenty more where this fresh & tasty foray came from.

Production: Eatsplorer / Photography: Jomeri Mouton






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