Seasonal long-table feast at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market in Cape Town


A rotating lineup of Cape Town’s most innovative chefs will bring their unique culinary flair to play with the Oranjezicht City Farm Market at Granger Bay’s fresh, seasonal produce, serving a produce-inspired 4-course menu around a communal table in the heart of the market.  Seasonal celebrations are our favourite so you’ll see a lot of in-season produce shining in our lineup. We let the guest chefs run wild with their visions so no two menus are ever alike.


  • Enjoy seasonal produce directly from the farms that supply the market in a delectable four-course menu
  • See first-hand how our guest chef transforms seasonal produce from the market into bold flavours to remember
  • Meet the chef, makers and producers responsible for the meal as they talk you through the menu, the story of their produce and culinary culture.
  • Share a feast with fellow foodies, friends and family in the heart of the buzzing Oranjezicht City Farm Market.


11h00 – 14h00 (2.5 – 3 hours)


  • new dates coming soon


R550 p.p.


You know you’re supposed to look out for buzzwords like organic, free-range and sustainable when you’re out doing your food shopping, but do you ever sit and think how those baby heirloom carrots or beautiful orange-yolked eggs ended up on your plate? We decided it’s high time we all did, and what better way to engage than sitting down to an unforgettable, four-course feast right where all the magic happens? Eatsplorer’s new series of long-table experiences, in collaboration with Oranjezicht City Farm Market, will do just this: re-connect diners to the origins of their food, while championing the producers behind it.

“Good food, great times, no waste. We like it. What’s more, when you’re eating around a communal table, you are involved with your food and neighbouring diners. Serenaded by sweet soulful tunes from our favorite DJs and sipping on local wines, you’ll quickly settle into a fun, relaxing, and delicious meal” says Oranjezicht City Farm Market founder Sheryl Ozinsky. “This meal is all about small, independent farmers, artisans and chefs, getting to know them and celebrating their talents.”

For the feasts, a long table will be set up right in the heart of the market and a rotating lineup of Cape Town’s most innovative chefs will be invited to create a delectable 4-course gourmet menu right where the action is every Saturday. When you’re seated, sipping wine and chatting with fellow diners, the participating chef will be cooking alongside you, using seasonal ingredients sourced from the market’s suppliers. “Although there are already plenty of incredible food stalls at the market, this will be the first time visitors can enjoy a gourmet menu cooked exclusively with the produce from many of the traders at the market”, says Sheryl.

The chef for the day will tell you all about the menu, as will the heroes behind the different ingredients starring in each dish. You’ll also hear from the distillers, brewers or winemakers behind your tipple of choice, naturally. And, if you’ve ever wondered what goes into curating and running the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, you’ll get to pick the brain of Sheryl when she pops in to say hi. Anyway, you look at it, you’ll be in the best seat in the house, or should we say market!

What’s included

  • 4 courses
  • Each course is paired with wine, gin, beer, or other
  • Water on the table

What’s not included

  • Transfers (we suggest taking an Uber)
  • Top-up of drinks and softdrinks

Important Information

  • We suggest taking an Uber
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Please be seated at the allocated time
  • Be sure to supply any dietary requirements at the time of booking
  • Bookings close 2 days prior to the experience. A minimum of 20 bookings in total is needed for the long table experience to take place.

Production: Eatsplorer | Photography: Liezel Norval-Kruger and Kleinjan Groenewalt



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