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Wild food foraging & cooking experience with Veld and Sea

Taking a walk on the wild side has never been more delicious thanks to Roushanna Gray, Cape Town’s own wild food whisperer. The seaweed you see bobbing on the ocean? An umami bomb in paella. The num num berries hanging on suburban hedges? The stuff of dreams in a moist carrot cake. After a guided forage with this pro, you’re guaranteed to see – and taste – your surrounds in a whole new way.


  • Delicious three to four course lunch
  • Discover the exciting world of wild flowers
  • Basic introduction of wild edibles
  • Learn the rules of sustainable foraging
  • Includes information sheets and recipes on the wild foods prepared


Foraging is super trendy at the moment, but contrary to what you may have heard, it’s not quite as simple as heading into the field or forest with a Swiss army knife and hacking and slashing willy-nilly. You need to tread carefully – and know your stuff – and that’s where Roushanna Gray comes in. Working at a nursery specialising in indigenous plants, and having spent the past nine years experimenting with the flavours of Cape Town’s indigenous edibles, has made Roushanna about as good a guide as you’ll get for taking a walk on the wild side.

Because foraging is very much dependent on the elements (anything from strong South-Easterly winds and red tide to rains can put a dampener on events), no two foraging excursions – and subsequent feasts – are the same. After a bout of rain, for example, you might go hunting for pine rings in a forest and transform your loot into the most delicious mushrooms on toast ever. On a sunny, wind-free day, you could go picking mussels off the rocks and harvesting edible seaweed to whip up into a seriously delicious paella. Or you might head into the veld to pick fynbos for tea. It’s the best kind of lucky draw there is, really.

One constant in these experiences, however, is that you’ll end up seeing your surrounds in a totally different way. Roushanna will impart her vast knowledge about whatever ends up in your basket – and how to reap nature’s bounty with the utmost respect – before transforming your foraged goodies into an unforgettable three-course meal, washed down with a craft beer or fynbos cocktail for good measure. Whether said feast is enjoyed at a picnic spot under the trees, a campfire by the beach, a rocky outcrop or right in her nursery is, of course, bound to be a delicious surprise.


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Into the Wild 4 course dining experience – Saturday 25 August 2018, 17h00

Join Roushana, wild flower and foraging expert for an immersive 4 course dining experience, showcasing a delicious range of hyper local and seasonal flavours. Every interactive dish will be presented with a story behind it and each paired perfectly with a botanical cocktail. Guests will be led on a walk to discover cocktail garnishes, canapés and the first meal in and around the indigenous plant nursery and gardens before settling into an enchanted banquet of incredible edible wild flavours. Expect flower crowns and fairy lights and fynbos as the theme of the evening. Dress: Comfortable shoes and floating florals, sequins and dungarees. Please bring a warm jacket or blanket. Included: 4 course veg/seafood courses paired with 4 botanical cocktails. A flower crown, a wild herbal bouquet and a small gift to take away.


  • Included
  • Not Included
  • Important Information
  • Itinerary
  • Wild food snacks and drinks
  • 3 course lunch based on ingredients foraged
  • Information sheets and recipes
  • Transportation
  • No wheelchair access
  • Food preferences or allergies need to be sent in advance

10h00: Time to arrive.
10h05: A basic introduction of the wild edibles in the area and learning the rules of sustainable foraging.
10h30: Armed with baskets and secateurs, you’ll start your walk and experience for yourself the abundance of free and delicious wild flavours to be found if you know where to look.
11h30: After gathering your ingredients, you’ll head back to the kitchen for the day to help Roushanna prepare your three-course foraged feast. The kitchen could be a picnic spot under a tree, around a campfire on the beach, a rustic local beer garden, a cosy foraging classroom, or on a clearing in the mountainside. It all depends on the day.
12h30: Lunch will consist of three courses, and will be served with a local craft beer, botanical cocktail or refreshing fynbos tea.
13h30: Time to go

What eatsplorers are saying

On land, at sea, in forests and mountains, there is food all around us, we just have to open up our senses and reconnect.

Roushanna Gray

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We would love to hear how your experience was so please leave a comment and review!
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Wild food foraging & cooking experience with Veld and Sea

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