Ginger & Lime Supper Club Interactive Cooking Experience + Wine Pairing


Join in on a convivial evening of cooking, feasting, wine pairing and general enjoyment of foodie camaraderie at the exquisite home of Denise Levy in the serene Cape Town suburb of Fresnaye. Take a seat in the kitchen and draw inspiration for your own cooking adventures, and then take your place at the long table for some please-sir-may-I-have-some-more deliciousness paired with a selection of South Africa’s foremost vintages.


  • Welcome drink and appetisers on arrival
  • Tasting menu of 8 dishes
  • Wine pairing included
  • Demonstration by Ginger & Lime team


18h30 – 22h00 (3 – 4 hours)


Quarterly  (see book now for dates)


R925 p.p.

To book any day for private groups (minimum 10, max 25 people) please send a request to Price per person varies depending on the size of the group.


There is something a little indescribable about being taught by someone who truly, honestly and passionately adores their craft. Sitting in Denise Levy’s custom-built kitchen in Fresnaye, hearing her speak about inspiring ingredients, secret recipes and the freedom of expression that cooking provides, you quickly realise that you are in the presence of someone who doesn’t cook because they have to, but because they must. For Denise, it’s not just about putting something delicious on a plate, it’s about the journey you take to get there.

“My kitchen has always been the heart of my home, a place where friends and family gather and bond over the preparation and enjoyment of fabulous food. A few years ago, I asked myself how I could take this passion for cooking and open up my kitchen to others who are also passionate about food to enjoy the experience with us,” explains Denise, the owner of Ginger & Lime.

“The concept became a reality when I joined in on Liam Tomlin’s cooking lessons, found myself turning into a groupie of note, and then realised that I wanted to be on the other side of the chopping block, sharing my passion and hosting budding chefs, serious foodies, absolute beginners and lovers of all things delicious in my own space.”

Set in the heart of Fresnaye, Ginger & Lime has since become quite famous for the interactive cooking classes hosted by Denise and her team. This exclusive supper club welcomes guests into her home, the inimitable Peppermint Palace, for a culinary experience that includes no less than eight dishes paired with accompanying wines.

“We like our guests to feel at home, as if they are visiting a friend, and can jump in to help wherever and whenever they want. When you join in on a Ginger & Lime evening, you can feel free to get your hands dirty, chop the onions, stir the pot, or just sit and enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with the other guests. Being in our home also makes it a really authentic experience. The best parties are always in the kitchen, right?”

Each evening follows a seasonal theme and all dishes are specially chosen by Denise and inspired by her travels. Guests are served a welcome drink and appetisers upon arrival, after which the party moves to the kitchen, where the Ginger & Lime team will welcome you to their sanctuary (a seriously Pinterest-worthy piece of architectural brilliance, by the way), give you an overview of the evening’s menu and demonstrate a vignette of the dishes that feature on the seasonal menu.

Once everyone is sufficiently dazzled by team’s skill in the kitchen and inspired to sharpen their own at home, it’s off to the long table in the lovely dining room, or outside on the terrace if the weather plays along. Here you’ll enjoy a tasting menu of eight dishes paired with accompanying wines and spend the rest of the evening revelling in all manner of taste sensations effused with a lively, welcoming ambience.

What’s included

  • All dishes
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Appetiser
  • Wines
  • Water & ice
  • Liqueur & coffees

What’s not included

  • Transport (we recommend taking an Uber if you plan to enjoy the wine pairing)
  • Special drink requests

Important Information

  • Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or allergies.
  • There is a possibility of cancellation if the minimum number of guests is not reached.


18h30 Arrive & welcomed with a cocktail and appetisers

18h50 Shown to the kitchen for a welcome, briefing & cooking demonstration

19h30 Seated in the dining room to enjoy the feast

21h30 Dessert is served

22h00 Bon voyage, until next time!


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