Haas Collective exterior

Haas Collective: coffee house & art gallery


The brainchild of Glynn Venter and Francois Irvine, Cape Town creatives with a flair for all things beautiful and delicious, Haas Collective & coffee was a natural extension of what was originally only intended to be a shop that sold all sorts of weird and wonderful collectibles and one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Today Haas Collective encompasses a stunning concept store and art gallery, high-end coffee house and on-site roastery, as well as an integrated creative agency. The result is a beautiful, intricately decorated space where you can soak up the local creative zeitgeist and enjoy one of Cape Town’s greatest cups of coffee while you’re at it.



19 Buitenkant St, Cape Town City Centre. Parking can be problematic – there are a lot of businesses in the vicinity and parking space comes at a premium.

Be prepared to pay an hourly rate if you want to park close-by; take a taxi or Uber if you want to avoid the hassle.


Monday to Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday & Sunday 8am-3pm.


Great for couples and groups of friends. The proprietors are not completely opposed to pets, but rather leave your Bernese Mountain Dog at home.

Kids are welcome, but please note that there are plenty of expensive objets d’art around, so it can be a little tricky if you have an inquisitive toddler on your hands.

Free Wi-Fi is provided within reason and there are power outlets here and there, but Haas Coffee isn’t really a ‘settle in to work all day’ kind of spot.


Excellent Ethiopian, Guatemalan or Colombian single origin coffees roasted on site, as well as a range of artisanal teas. Breakfasts range from fresh muffins and croissants to the Haaspitality full English and a diet-friendly egg whites only omelette.

The lunchtime menu includes fresh sandwiches, rustic salads and a variety of curries, and there is also a great tapas selection for when you feel like grazing rather than tucking into a big meal.

A nice varied wine list and craft beer selection rounds it all off.


Kopi luwak. Made famous by Jack Nicholson’s character in The Bucket List, this unusual coffee is made from beans that have been eaten and excreted by Asian Palm Civets.

Oh, and the bunny chow served on floury Portuguese rolls. Just do it, you can thank us later.

Photography: Kleinjan Groenewald / Writing: Anna-Bet Stemmet

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