Discover the Flavours of Puglia: A Foodie’s Dream Tour


Do you ever dream of exploring a hidden gem of a destination, tasting and cooking the most delicious local cuisine, and meeting wonderful people along the way? That’s exactly what you can expect from a food adventure to Puglia led by chef Liezie Mulder-Färbinger of the former Île de Païn restaurant and her travel-savvy sister Thelma Schempers, who together created Thelma & Leez Fabulous Food Escapes.

As self-professed qualitarians, sisters Thelma and Liezie are always focused on cooking, serving, and eating only the highest quality food, although they like to think this trait extends to everything else they do, as well.

They are forever searching for life’s richest moments – those little tastes, sights and sounds that bring your senses to life and make an experience truly unforgettable. As such, they both travel extensively to satisfy their insatiable sense of curiosity – exploring cultures and cuisines as they hunt down the authentic values of each region they visit

Over the last couple of years, they have made it their mission to create the most fabulous food escapes.

Nomadic gatherings of food enthusiasts and friends, that offers fellow travellers the opportunity to share in their curiosity and enthusiasm as they discover and experience the passion of the food growers, farmers, chefs, and craftsmen who form the beating heart of the beautiful places they visit.

If you are a foodie at heart and yearning for a unique travel experience their once-in-a-lifetime food tours for adventurous foodies will offer you that and so much more. Their latest adventures take you on a delicious escape to the stunning undiscovered region of Puglia in Italy. This is the perfect spot to make memories and indulge in a foodie adventure like no other.

Their singular tours are based on culinary, cultural, and active travel and they only craft itineraries that explore destinations that they know and love.

After the huge success of their Tuscan tours, they wanted to offer something different for like-minded foodies. Puglia is the latest spot they’ve chosen to explore, and they love to take fellow enthusiasts along on their journey to this marvelous destination!

Puglia is a laid-back, under-the-radar region located at the heel of the Italian boot, that offers long summer days, refreshing dips in the Adriatic Sea, mouth-watering seafood, handmade pasta, succulent olives, and relaxing glasses of rose to cap off each day.

Thelma and Liezie’s bespoke culinary tour is specifically designed for small groups of food enthusiasts. Days are spent indulging in the best local food, participating in pasta-making classes with local nonnas, and enjoying the freshest seafood in fishing villages by the seaside.

Puglia is rich in culture and history and the perfect spot for a culinary journey. Days are spent walking through olive groves with trees over 1000 years old, cooking and tasting traditional Pugliese food and wine, and exploring charming old towns and fishing villages.

Thelma and Liezie love building delightful surprises into their tours. “Yes, there is always an itinerary outline, but we don’t like being overly specific and always leave room on the schedule to add unexpected experiences such as an impromptu picnic in the vineyards, or starlit long table alfresco dinner made with fresh produce from the market,” says Liezie.

The highlight of the Puglia experience is staying in a luxurious Masseria, a beautiful farmhouse with barrel-vaulted ceilings and white-washed stone walls.

Tucked away among olive groves, this idyllic abode offers breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean and is just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque city of Ostuni.

It is the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate with eight spacious bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. The Masseria also has expansive indoor living spaces, as well as outdoor entertainment areas, a swimming pool, herb garden, pizza oven, and sunset view to die for.

You meander through the arid landscape with a Karoo-by-the-sea feel and visit local artisans to learn how to make cheese and other local delights from scratch using locally sourced ingredients.

Cook and enjoy long, leisurely lunches and convivial dinners, and even indulge in some shopping.

There is no better way to discover picture-perfect Puglia.

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