Rustic Fine Dining Chef’s Table Experience with chef Santi in Cape Town


Chef Santi and his wife Dominique made their way to Cape Town via London to open the doors to their eclectic home in the City Bowl to foodies from all over the world. Join this inspiring couple at their beautiful Cape Town CBD loft-style apartment for a 6-course food & wine pairing and stay in Santi’s slipstream down memory lane as this passionate culinary artist shares his wonderful food story and what brought them here.


  • Personalised food experience at chef’s private home set in the heart of Cape Town.
  • Six-course wine & food pairing.
  • Interactive food experience where you get to mingle and interact with the chef and learn more about your host’s culinary journey.
  • Interaction with likeminded food & wine enthusiasts around a convivial social table.


4 hours


Last Friday of every month. Find out more…


Chef Santi grew up in Cee, a fishing and farming village on the shoreline of Galicia, where the waves determined time and the aromatic smells of Spanish cooking strummed the fragrant soundtrack to his childhood.

“It was at the tables of my mother and grandmother that I learned about family, food and the connection that it makes between people when you sit down together to enjoy a meal,” recalls Santi, who moved to Guildford in Surrey with his family in his teens and would subsequently make his way into the colourful world of culinary art after starting out in the scullery of a local restaurant.

These days, chef Santi draws liberally from his life’s experiences to bring foodies in Cape Town a fresh new take on the celebrated chef’s table trend that is sweeping the globe. “I grew up learning from generations of artisans – farmers on the one side, and fishermen on the other – who taught me how to choose the best produce and love the ingredients. This is why you’ll find that I create dishes that celebrate the ingredients and serve food that is flavoursome without overcomplicating or overworking the components thereof.”

However, that’s not to say Santi doesn’t like to play with his food. Combining classic with modern techniques, it is his aim to explore gastronomy as far as he can. “The very first dish I was taught to make when I graduated from dishwasher into the actual kitchen, was a prawn cocktail.

These days, I like to honour that pivotal moment by serving a dish that initially looks like a tomato, just sitting there on your plate, but reveals the essence of that prawn cocktail’s flavours when you cut into it. By creating dishes inspired by my Spanish roots, Michelin experiences, pub fare, family home cooking and current trends, I am setting the stage to tell you more about the journey that brought us here.”

By inviting diners into their home, Santi and Dominique create a comfortable, fuss-free space, where guests can take a seat at the shared table and enjoy a cheerful, festive ambience. The table seats 20, and can be booked as a social table, where you can share your experience with like-minded foodies you haven’t met before, or may be secured for private events or family gatherings.

“My menu is completely seasonal, and changes according to what’s on offer from the producers around me. The wines with which it is paired is carefully chosen from trusted growers in the Cape Winelands by Dominique, who immerse herself in the local wine culture when we decided to launch Chef’s Table Cape Town. She is my secret weapon – majorly charming, very welcoming, and our guests always take to her immediately.”

Join this delightful pair at their inner-city foodie sanctum and get ready to be swept along on a culinary journey that is sure to leave you deliciously stuffed, inspired and satisfied.

Important Information

  • A minimum of 8 bookings is needed for the experience to take place. If the minimum is not reached the experience might be cancelled, in which case you will be offered a refund.
  • There is on-street parking available near the venue, but we suggest taking a taxi or an UBER, especially if you plan to enjoy the wine-pairing portion of the evening.
  • Since the experience takes place in a private home setting, the hosts request that diners please be mindful of neighbours when they arrive and depart.

Production Eatsplorer | Writing Anna-Bet Stemmet| Photography Jomeri Mouton

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