Secret sundowners on the beach in Cape Town


At the end of the day, when the Mother City gets ready to swap her sweeping blue mantel for a jaunty mid-night blue cape spangled with a thousand stars, the lingering reprieve of her magnificent sunset calls for a cold one. This is the ideal time to get together over cocktails to wind down with your mates, do drinks with a date or get a party started with new acquaintances. But where to go for the ultimate sundowners in Cape Town?

If you’d like to discover some of Cape Town’s loveliest secret outdoor seaside sundowner spots, your best bet is to follow in the slipstream of

Henk and Suna, the team behind the Secret Adventurer – a Cape Town-based couple who have made it their life’s mission to seek out the hidden gems and magic marvels along the city’s shoreline.

Let’s be honest – Capetonians can be a clique-y bunch. However, every now and again you come across super generous individuals like Henk Brand and Suna Symington who want to rope everyone in to have a good time. That is why the pair have decided to share a few of their favourite secret Cape Town sundowners spots with fellow adventurers.

Discover the ultimate outdoor spots for sundowners in Cape Town

Henk Brand, AKA The Secret Adventurer, loves taking folks on adventures of a different kind. He goes places most people don’t – literally taking the road less travelled. A self-described ‘lifestyle adventurer’, he designs his experiences based on what he loves to do every day, which often involves a fair bit of extreme exploration and cooking delicious food.

He’s passionate about designing bespoke experiences to showcase his hometown of Cape Town like he sees it. Beyond the postcards and travel brochures, there is a world to discover, and that’s what he wants to share with his guests. Together with Suna he takes outdoor experience to the next level with her eye for detail and natural style.

“We are both passionate foodies, and love using nature as our backdrop,” says Suna. “Outdoor cooking is Henk’s passion, and he is kitted out to cook just about anything, anywhere. We really started getting into it when we were contestants on a local TV braai show, which we won.

Since then, we have acquired more gear and skills and decided to really take this passion of ours to the next level with experiences such as our mussel pot on the beach experience where we cook guests an epic mussel pot feast on a secluded beach as the sun goes down.

So what exactly is a secret sunset cocktail experience?

The latest addition is their secret sunset cocktail experience at some of their favourite seaside locations throughout Cape Town! And we’re not simply talking a beer on the beach. Think gorgeous carpets, twinkling fairy lights, colourful bunting, comfy pillows and a view to die for.

“Henk and I have always loved exploring and looking for isolated spots where few people go. We found most of our favourites through sheer curiosity – we would look at Google Maps satellite images and try to find new places to enjoy sundowners. Then we’d go on elaborate adventures to access those spots, ” says Suna.

These days, they have quite an impressive repertoire of go-to cocktail destinations, some of which are easier to access than others. There are those that require a bit of scrambling, while others can be accessed on a stroll along the beach, which is why they give guests the opportunity to share any mobility concerns ahead of time.

As for the food, get ready for an al fresco feast! Think freshly baked bread with glistening jams and creamy cheeses, a delightful array of crackers with dips and spreads, as well as plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. Vegetarian and vegan options can also be tailored on request.

“We always work hard to ensure that our experiences are as sustainable as possible, as we both love nature and support the conservation thereof at every turn. This is why source our produce ethically and sustainably, recycle all our waste and use seasonal produce. ”

The drinks served on the evening normally consist of a beautiful artisanal gin cocktail featuring special touches like pomegranate seeds and star anise, as well as frosty beers and non-alcoholic beverages, all sourced from local producers. Guests are also able to request wine if they prefer.

In short – it’s a wonderful opportunity to kick back and relax in an epic location, enjoy tasty snacks and drink a toast to the singular beauty of the Mother City at the hands of two of her most steadfast fans and intrepid adventurers.

If you are interested to know more about or book the secret sunset experience, or other experiences Henk and Suna offer you can do so here.

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Writing: Anna-Bet Stemmet

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