Sunrise Coffee Safari Experience in Cape Town


Hold onto your java-loving hat, because we have found what might very well be the most game-changing thing to happen to coffee since the Levant was invaded by the Ottoman Empire. Three words: Sunrise Coffee Safari!

Coffee is more than a reviving hot drink, it’s a thing – a way of life if you will. Whether you’re pouring it thick and syrupy from an ibrik in Turkey, or dipping your rusks in a steaming cup of boeretroos on a wraparound stoep in the Karoo, it’s a reason to take a moment.

To step outside of the noise of everyday life and completely focus on your senses. You might be tempted to think you’ve seen and sipped it all. Oh, contraire mon ami. Not until you’ve been on sunrise coffee safari with the inimitable Ozzy Yerlikaya in some of the most Instagram-able spots in Cape Town.

Just so you’re properly prepared to understand how incredibly epic this is, these safaris are hosted by travel designer Ozzy, who hails from Turkey, which is pretty much where coffee became a vital part of everyday life when the great Ottoman leader, Sultan Suleiman, was introduced to the enchanting beverage in 1543.

Ozzy is one of those blokes everyone in Cape Town seems to know. His backstory sounds like the plot concocted by Wilbur Smith in collaboration with John Steinbeck – lots of epic adventures interspersed with life-changing realisations.

“Our urban safaris enable those adventurous souls to experience a brand-new perspective of the Mother City” enthuses the infectiously energetic Ozzy. So here’s how it goes. Your group meets at a secret outdoor location (think beautiful vistas and lots of fresh air!) bright and early. Here, he will set up his good-looking mobile coffee bar and start his coffee introduction while he does his magic. This includes lots of interesting info about the history, profile, flavour and process of preparing each particular coffee, as well as a pairing with some seriously good chocolate (uhm, YUM!).

Those who care to be roped into the coffee-making process will be able to join Ozzy at the grinding table to get their hands dirty. Afterwards, there will be ample time to sip on your coffee, chat with your fellow java adventurers and enjoy the view from whichever secret spot Ozzy had chosen for the day. Best start to any day, right?


  • An exclusive coffee experience in a breath-taking outdoor location in the heart of Cape Town
  • A multi-sensory experience that unfolds as you sit back & enjoy
  • A bespoke coffee appreciation class around a private pop-up coffee station
  • Tasting exquisite coffee from some of the best artisinal coffee roasters in Cape Town
  • A dark & delicious chocolate pairing

What’s included

  • Coffee safari experience in outdoor location.
  • Coffee appreciation class
  • Tasting 3 different coffees with 3 different chocolates.
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Production: Eatsplorer / Photography: Jan Ras




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