Top 10 delicious foodie things to do in Cape Town this summer


The clouds have parted, the birds are singing, and the sky is painted the most magnificent shade of blue. Whilst Cape Town’s thermostat is turning to the toasty side of things it is evident the heralds of summer have spoken and its time to cast off the winter coats, slip into bathing suits and don a wide-brimmed hat. But most importantly, its the time of the year that is an absolute treat for all of us foodies who get to experience the sunny side of things with a whole new roster of bright and delicious experiences to sink our teeth into.

Gone are the days of holing yourself up in restaurants and picking from uninspired menus. This sunny season we get to celebrate the foodie revolution with experiences that have us dipping our toes in the water and exploring nature’s bounty whilst feasting on the most delectable delicacies Cape Town has to offer.

Enter a world of delicious botany in the heart of the Mother City

Vegan food often gets a bad rap. Bland tofu and same-old lentils hardly win over the hearts and minds of the omnivorously inclined. Vegan chef Karoline Kristine is sure to dash that myth this summer by dishing out delicious bite sized vegan innovation, the likes of which will rock your culinary world. A flavour magician of note, Karoline will show you exactly how to abracadabra the most basic ingredient into haute cuisine. Think carrots baked in a rooibos-salt crust and marinated until meaty in texture, then served on blinis with mayo and beetroot and gin caviar. While you help Karoline prepare a spread of super-delicious plant-based bites, she’ll share her tips for hosting the best tapas party ever. Once the tapas are all done, you’ll gather around the table with your fellow foodies and tuck in, chat and sip on bubbly or kombucha ‘champagne’ till it’s time to go. Read more or book.

Feast fresh from Chef Julia’s seasonal menu

Fresh seasonal food is all the rage, and it does not get any fresher than at experienced chef Julia Hattingh’s festive 18-seater social table in Observatory, Cape Town. She creates a beautiful marriage of flavours based on organic ingredients sourced from a local urban garden. Through the course of the evening you can look forward to five artfully plated, seasonally inspired courses – each beautifully matched with wines from local boutique estates. So whether you are keen to meet foodie-minded folk, or simply want to hang out with your best mates over an epic seasonal feast, chef Julia Hattingh’s Reverie Social Table Experience is the place to be. Read more or book.

Uncover the age-old secrets and bright summery flavours of Persian cuisine

Exotic cooking classes have started to crop up in Cape Town, but you haven’t really learned to cook foreign until you’ve joined Aliya Ferguson in her home kitchen to learn all about an ancient cuisine laced with saffron, dried limes, barberries and rose water. Persian cooking as Aliya teaches it around her well-used kitchen table is a fragrant history lesson that encompasses centuries of verve, vigour and passion, distilled into fresh, inspiring dishes that feed the soul and imagination. Sound good? Book your spot and get ready to get your hands dirty. Read more or book.

Eatsplore one of the Cape’s most magnificent gardens.

Sitting at the outskirts of the Cape Winelands, Babylonstoren flaunts a tantalising al fresco food experience. Hidden between the beautiful plant life of Babylonstoren’s famous garden landscape, the conservatory provides delightful morsels made of local ingredients from the very garden you are sitting in. Enjoy fresh, artisan delights whilst drinking in the calming atmosphere and soul-soothing landscape. Make a day of it and explore the jaw dropping gardens, soaking up the summer sun, and chase it down by ending the day in the best possible way – a delicious wine tasting and harvest platter experience at the tasting room set amongst the vineyards. Read more or book.

Delve into the art of distilling and refreshing cocktail making with an ex-rocker & his dad

Pienaar & Son is a decidedly cool artisanal distillery in the heart of Cape Town. And we do mean slap-bang in the middle of the gritty CBD. Here, you can join ex-rocker André Pienaar and his chemical-engineer father to learn all about the gin- and vodka-making process. They’ll walk you through the fascinating journey and teach you to make a few fancy-looking cocktails to boot. You’ll also get to go home with a bottle of your favourite spirit to recreate the experience at home. Cheers to that, right? Read more or book

Take a bite into history, picnic basket in hand

Kick off your sun-shine adventure with a picnic on one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms, Boschendal. The wine farm was established all the way back in 1685 and have been producing some of South Africa’s best wine ever since. One of the best ways to explore the amazing vistas of this culture rich winery is through their two amazing picnic experiences where you get to sink your teeth into delightful delicacies prepared with fresh produce grown right there on the estate. Feast on cold meats, fluffy freshly baked breads, a ravashing salad and a lot more, all the while enjoying the shade of the old oak trees and drinking in the magnificent mountain views. Read more or book.

Explore the Wine trail less travelled

Take a walk on the wine side by leaving the path most travelled to discover the wineries you never knew were so great. Blaze your own trail through the Stellenbosch wine scene with the Wine Flies. Taking a well needed reprieve from the stringent rules and formal façade of the wine community in favour of embracing the summer spirit and relaxing with a behind the scenes peek in the cellar including barrel tastings and chats with the wine makers. Experience the history, culture and wine making techniques of the Stellenbosch in a hands on fashion. By drinking wine! Allow the Wine Flies to guide you through five unique wine estates (the line-up always changes) that are sure to make Dionysus jealous. Read more or book.

Feast on fresh seafood on one of Cape Town’s prettiest beaches

Fresh mussel pot on a secluded beach in Cape Town? Yes please! Expert forager Henk Brand is a salty soul who knows Cape Town’s beaches inside-out. Follow in his wake as he guides you to a prime beach spot and he will cook up a delicious mussel pot al fresco style. While you’re helping Henk, his wife Suna will be setting up your beachside retreat, where you will tuck into a gorgeous mussel potjie and refreshing beverages once you return from the shore. Read more or book.

Venture into nature with wild food foraging and cooking

Nature is a bountiful mistress – all you need to do is keep your eyes open and she will provide. If you’ve always wanted to know more about wild food and how to gather it, a foraging experience along the Cape Peninsula is sure to have you giddy with delight. Join Roushanna Gray on a gathering expedition that leads to a sumptuous fynbos setting where you will enjoy a four-course meal paired with four botanical cocktails. Magical much? Read more or book.

Explore the hidden magic of the Cape Townian sundown with artisan cocktails and snacks

Under the towering vistas of the magnificent Cape mountain range, hidden away on a secret beach bordering the vast blue expanse of the great Atlantic Ocean, secret adventurers Suna and Henk are prepping away at a breath-taking sun-set experience. These dedicated foodies have been methodically uncovering the hidden magical sundown settings strewn across the Mother City’s shore line and are ready to share the magic with you. Slip into the summer spirit and accompany the passionate pair for a sundowner experience like no other. Snack on delicious seasonal morsels of cured meats, cheeses, freshly baked bread and fruits, washed down with local artisanal cocktails, whilst bearing witness to the sun sinking beneath the gentle waves, painting the sky in a procession of magnificent colours. Now, life just couldn’t get any better, right? Read more or book.

Throw out the blankets and enjoy summer stargazing

Grab your popcorn, pack your blankets and dust off the wicker baskets cause summers come to town. And what could slow down the breakneck dash of the modern hullabaloo better than a relaxing picnic gazing up at the stars. Why, having a picnic whilst gazing at an entirely different line-up of stars of course! The Galileo Open Air Cinema is a magical nomadic find, rarely popping up at the same place twice in a row.  Allowing you to enjoy cult-classics, romantic comedies, documentaries and a whole lot more with the soft summer breeze kissing your face. Even better is the arsenal of artisan food and chilled drinks available at the on-location market, all coming together to make one magical experience. Catch the Galileo Art Theater at the Cape Winelands, Kirstenbosch, Battery Park and more. Why not make a night of it. Read more or book.


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Writing: Thinus Kruger | Skryfyster | Photography: Boschendal | Babylonstoren | Jomeri Mouton | Luke KuisisKleinjan Groenewald
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